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Self Build Conservatories - Is It Worth Doing It Yourself?

A conservatory is a useful and attractive extension to a home. Even though it may take up some garden space, it will turn that space into a new room where the garden can be enjoyed even in inclement weather. It will add value to any home and usually does not require planning permission. This is because the material used does not qualify as a permanent extension to the home. There are many different uses for a conservatory. It can be an enclosed garden, family room, dining room and more.

To reduce the cost of adding a conservatory, many people choose to build it themselves. There are DIY conservatories that come with instructions and all the fixtures and fittings needed. This includes installing the roof, fixing the walls and glazing. The instructions are designed for even the novice DIY builder to follow. There are also videos online that give a step by step view of installation procedures. With the reduced cost and added value, it is definitely worth doing it yourself. DIY kits come in different qualities, and for one that will last for years, it is important to get high quality material.

When selecting a DIY conservatory, make sure the style matches or harmonises with the style of your home. It should enhance the appearance and not look out of place. Designs include the clean lines of modern, impressive Edwardian or Victorian, classic, contemporary, lean-to and pavilion styles. It is also possible to design your own within the limits of what is available. Size is important. The conservatory should not be so large that it overwhelms your home, and it should not be so small that it serves no useful purpose.

Even DIY conservatories come in different price ranges. There are very simple lean-to and very elaborate bespoke possibilities. Each kit will come with tools along with the manual for assembly. It is important to have good quality tools, and the DIY conservatory provider can help determine this. Accurate measurement is also important, so a good quality measuring tape will be needed especially for measuring the base area.

Some prefer to employ a professional builder to construct the base and dwarf walls if required. Once that is correctly done, assembling the rest is relatively simple. A good DIY supplier will also be happy to give advice. Steel bases are durable and easy to install. Even if you use a builder for the base or brickwork, the overall cost of a DUI conservatory will be much less.

Conservatories need to be constructed to maximize the weather conditions. If it faces north, it will need good heating by a low cost system, and if it faces south, it will need good shade and ventilation. There should be roof vents and windows on either side that allow a breeze to blow through on hot days. It is worth investing in high performance glass that reduces heat loss in the winter. If your home has an integrated heating and cooling system, it can be extended to the conservatory. Otherwise, an electrical source will be needed and possibly a plumbing source if you plan to have a sink.

Even though planning permission is rarely needed for a conservatory, if you plan to remove an external door for an opening into the conservatory, you may need to get planning approval. It is worth checking this before starting to save big problems later. In this case you may also need to follow insulation and glass regulations.

A DIY conservatory kit makes the work easier, but it is still a major operation. Good planning from the beginning including the budget, size, style and place is essential. Ask the DIY supplier about each step for construction and make sure you or someone you trust is capable of doing all the work. They can even give you a computer printout of the base plan once you have purchased a kit. This will ensure that you or a builder makes the base exactly the right size. This will minimise problems along the way and ensure a beautiful and practical addition to your home at completion.

Building a DIY conservatory is challenging and rewarding. Often, people join with family members or friends to help each other with their construction. To make sure the job is done well and is fun for everyone, it is advised to include all participants in the plans right from the beginning. This lets all the adults and children feel included and gives the greatest satisfaction when the project is completed.

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