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How the right blinds can keep your conservatory comfortable all year round

The right blinds for the inside of a conservatory can make a big difference in the indoor temperature. Fabrics with a solar reflective coating or light reflective fabric are the most effective for controlling the temperature. They have a foil backing that reflects heat and light. These fabrics can be made into Venetian, pleated, roller and vertical blinds and add distinction and beauty to the conservatory.

Conservatory blinds will not only keep your conservatory comfortable, they will also reduce your energy bill. Up to 25 per cent of cooling and heating costs go right out the window. There are blinds that fit perfectly, and do not allow cold or hot air in or out of the sides. Honeycomb, roller and pleated blinds come as perfectly fitted blinds. These blinds are also available for the roof.

Blinds can do amazing things these days. They can let in sunlight and not heat. They can also completely darken your conservatory if that is required. Blinds also give privacy. Conservatories are wonderful rooms where garden views are beautiful and the sky’s the limit, day or night, but there are times when it would be nice to have some privacy in the conservatory, and blinds are the solution. Especially during the night when it is dark outside, you may feel like you are in a fish bowl. With blinds, you can make the conservatory like a cosy room.

There are also several options for making blinds child-safe. Children can become entangled in hanging cords. Even if they are relatively high, children often find a way to reach them. Remote control roller blinds are the optimum choice, but there are other options. Tie-backs and anchors are some of the possibilities as well as removing the need for cords.

Roller blinds are available with solar film. Solar film not only protects against heat, it also protects against UV rays that are unhealthy for people and can ruin furniture upholstery and wood.

Vertical blinds are very stylish. They are available is several colours, patterns and fabrics that reflect light and heat.

Venetian blinds have a more casual appearance and are popular. They can be opened and closed by battery remote control and are made from wood or aluminium.

Pleated blinds are also popular for conservatories. There are zigzag or honeycomb patterns in a wide range of solar protected fabrics. The soft, diffused light that enters the conservatory is very soothing and controls the temperature summer and winter.

There are times when the aesthetic value of internal conservatory blinds is more important than their temperature control function. In these cases, there are also external conservatory blinds that can help control the temperature winter and summer. External blinds should also look attractive, however, their function is primarily heat control.

External blinds are usually white or a light pastel colour. This repels solar glare and does not absorb heat and is how they keep the conservatory cool in the summer. Dark or bright colours tend to absorb heat from the sun and transfer it to the conservatory. External blinds also have reflective layering which enhances the cooling property. Summer isn’t the only time external blinds help with the temperature. During the winter, they can store heat and transfer it to the conservatory. You don’t have to give up the daylight in your conservatory by adding external blinds. They have tiny holes that let in the light and not the heat.

Outdoor blinds can be raised and lowered manually or by remote control. The remote control feature is very handy during freezing cold weather. It might also not be very pleasant to wrestle with manual blinds in the hot sun. Another aspect of electric blinds is a timer. This is convenient for the times you are away from home. They can be automatically raised and lowered so it appears as if someone is at home.

Good quality external conservatory blinds can be expensive, however, it is not worth the money to buy cheap quality, because they will not add to the value of your house, and they will not last. If you have to replace your blinds every five years, you will spend more than if you bought good quality in the beginning.

For those who have a DIY conservatory, there are DIY blinds available. It is nice to be able to have unique blinds that are part of the DIY experience, but it's good to have skill with a sewing machine and lots of patience to make your own conservatory blinds. You can buy DIY kits for blinds, but you need to make sure you have exactly the correct measurements.

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