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Add a room with a view to your house

There are many good reasons to add a conservatory to your home, but having a room with a view is one of the most popular reasons. A conservatory is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the garden no matter what the weather, and it is also useful for dining, working and studying. It adds another dimension to entertaining especially during the summer. Conservatories add significant value to any home whether they are a simple lean-to style or are an elaborate, distinguished architectural feature.

There are many different styles, sizes and prices of conservatories to harmonise with any architecture and budget. You can also tailor-make your conservatory so it fits your house perfectly and is unique to you. The added value a conservatory gives a house is estimated to be 18 per cent more than the cost of building it.

Conservatories not only extend your living space, they extend your vision by bringing the outdoors closer to your lifestyle. The natural light is a pleasant and healthy feature as well as being able to take advantage of sunny days without sitting outside. The view offers the changing seasons which can be enjoyed with the doors open and the breezes blowing through or with everything closed and the heater on while the frost takes over the garden.

Some of the different style options and their features are:

Victorian is the most popular style. It has a bay front window which gives it a rounded look, and the segmented style has a classic appearance. The rounded window can have more or less segments to make it round or faceted according to the space provided. This model can be easily modified for smaller areas. This style of often combined with other styles for a custom design.

The Georgian style has a flat front with a rectangle design that gives the most interior space. The roof is the main design feature because it slopes back to the centre. It harmonises with any architecture. This is the best choice for larger conservatories.

A Gable roof conservatory also has lots of light and space. The roof has a gabled front that does not slope back. It looks like the end of a house. It is also suitable for large conservatories and has more head room.

A Lean-to style is also called a Mediterranean style. It is the simplest design and has contemporary, straight lines. It is the best choice for cottages and bungalows that have small gardens. It can be used as a place to keep toys, indoor plants or as a small office.

Any of the above styles can be combined and adapted to create a unique conservatory for a particular space or style of house. There is T and P shaped conservatories that combine a gable end with a lean-to or other styles.

Conservatories are not just for the summer months. They are useful and beautiful all year around. The different accessories enhance the style as well as the view. There is an extensive choice of glazing options as well as roof vents with manual or automatic controls. The windows can have decorative lead, and the gables can also be decorative.

A conservatory is not merely another room. It gives a whole new dimension to your lifestyle. The outdoors becomes part of your living space, and simply spending time in the conservatory relaxing, working or dining becomes a rejuvenating experience. If you have a specific use for the conservatory such as music room, office, gym or artist’s studio, features can be added to make sure it is fit for your special purpose.

There are options for modifying the view to protect the occupants from the glare of the sun or to stop sunlight from damaging upholstery or furniture. There is also glass that will reduce heat during the summer and save heat during the winter months. Some glass is self-cleaning and some combines self-cleaning properties with solar control. This is a good choice for the hard-to-reach roof.

To take advantage of your conservatory throughout the year, make sure it has the proper lighting, heating and ventilation. During the summer months it is pleasant to open the windows and ventilators to let the cool breezes blow in. During the winter, low cost heating is required to make the conservatory a pleasant place to sit. The type of glass selected can also make a big difference in the temperature of the room. Your conservatory is your view to the great outdoors and the open sky even if it is in your own backyard.

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